Get To Know a Talented and Creative Artist

My work career began as a novice graphic artist at my dad’s typesetting shop. Many years and a few employers later, I began a small graphic design studio. A career which is still dear to me. However, art was never far from my thoughts.


Many of my graphic design projects require illustrations. However the crux of the business is graphic design and typography – how shape and color tell a story to complement the text. What feeling does the design convey? My art form.


Yet while building my design career, drawing and painting still remained important in my life. Art classes, workshops, and learning new techniques and skills were never far away.


Over the years I've painted and drawn all traditional subject matter, and experimented with many mediums. Recently, I fell in love with collage, mixed media, and assemblage. As a “picker-upper” metal bolts, screws, old “junk” seems to find a way into my pockets, ready to be incorporated into a dimensional project.

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Today, my work has moved to a more abstract direction. My goal is to create thought provoking, contemporary art that may affect a positive change in the viewer's perspective.